Ariane Fairlie

Red Coat - 2014 - 22 x 30

Red Coat, 2014

Ariane Fairlie is a visual artist and free-lance writer living in Montreal.  She recently completed a Fine Arts degree at Concordia University.

Artist Statement: “Ariane is concerned with concepts of observation and realism. She enjoys the inconsistencies that are the result of translating three dimensions into two. They create a beautiful and dynamic realism, different from what can be accomplished with a two-dimensional reference image. She’s interested in the technical challenges of textures, colours, light, and form. She tries to evoke emotion and character in her ‘Clothing Portraiture’, and believes clothing as a subject is a universally relatable theme, unless you’re a very dedicated nudist.  Her aim is to create artwork that is honest and vulnerable, bold and fun, and have the viewer recognize something of themselves and the human experience in each piece.”

Here is part of a series she did last year, in 2014.

Green Lightning, 2014

Green Lightning - 2014 - 22 x 30

Green Mountain, 2014
Green Mountain - 2014 - 22 x 30

Rainbow Net, 2014
Rainbow Net - 2014 - 22 x 30

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Dimensions: 22″X30″

Material: coloured pencil on paper

If you’d like to see more of her work, check out these websites:

If you’d like to read some of her writing, look these up:

Kolaj Magazine, Art Voices, Illusion.Scene360, Rover Arts, and Beautiful/Decay

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