Kelsey Wilson


Kelsey Wilson is an artist from Orleans, Ontario.  She is now based out of Montreal where she recently completed a Bachelor of Fibres at Concordia University.  She works mainly in sculpture and illustration, getting inspiration from plants, old medical photos, reflections on city buildings, people’s hands, animals and her dreams.

Last week, she collaborated with Jennifer Glasgow to make the window display for General 54, using concrete.  Go check it out!

Kelsey:  For my sculptures, I like to work with different yarns and fabrics with crazy textures.   Anything with glitter or funky bobbles usually comes home with me.  I am drawn to material contrasts; so I tend to incorporate some steel or wood or anything rough or gloopy to offset the fuzzy craft-like element found in my sculptures.  For my illustrations, I don’t stray too far from my microns, copic markers, and watercolours. […]  

I am always very open to working with new mediums because it forces my work to transform into something unexpected.  I have always been curious about how things are made so learning to quilt and knit led to my interest in textiles.  I was pretty broke and bored during university so I started doing some experimental knitting with elastic bands, plants, and other random fibrous things around me….Curiosity is beautiful and definitely one of the most important aspects of art and life.

Compulsion no. 1

Assorted hand-knit yarns, twine, chain, elastic bands
54″ x 84″

When I asked Kelsey what’s up next, she told me she wants to get back in to sculpture again.  She’s been doing a lot of drawing and misses the ‘slow, tactile process of building’.


Assorted hand-knit yarns, tinsel, raffia, glitter fabrics, teddy bear parts, steel frame
2.5; x 3.5′

Kelsey has also started to use photoshop, and we look forward to seeing what she does with that!

You can see some of her work here:

-on instagram: @sumwut

-Kelsey did the costume and set design for this short dance film by Rock Bottom Movement:

She is also working on getting a website and Etsy page up over the holidays.



Micron pens and markers on paper

8″x 11″

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