Sunja Link, Designer and Founder of Sunja Link Clothing
Sunja Link, Designer and Founder of Sunja Link Clothing

Sunja Link’s clothing line embraces timelessness and durability but in ways that reinvigorate new shapes and silhouettes. She prioritizes a sense of making items that are meaningful and challenges the conventional cutthroat and unethical practices of the current state of the style business. In the responses she gave General 54, we could sense her sense of integrity. She’s wholly conscientious: aware of the perils and carbon footprint of the fashion industry, she outright refuses to play by those rules. We think her motto of doing one’s best are words to live by.

(soon-ya link)
(soon-ya link)

Q: How did you get your start?

Sunja: My first fashion job was for Luscious clothing in Montreal. After working there for a bit I moved back to Vancouver to work and then started my line in 2002.

Q: How would you describe the objectives of your look?

I try to make easy to wear contemporary clothing for women. Clothing that’s fashionable but easy. And ‘classic’ is a personal favorite buzz word.

Q: Considering that Sunja Link designs have a mandate in being meaningful (and as a fellow artist interested in the pursuit of meaning), I’m wondering if you can express what meaning you are trying to elucidate these days? Big question, I realize, but you seem to be someone who has traversed and juggled the courses of motherhood, artistry, travel, sustainability and if you have some current ideas of how your ethics and experience impart value you on your aesthetic choices, do share.

I guess my values effect what I design because I want women to feel confident and at ease in what they wear. And my values effect how I produce clothing. I will stop doing this, if I have to make it overseas, in mass amounts. I have zero interest in being an even bigger part of the problem then I already am!

Pretty in pinks
Pretty in pinks

Clothing is the second worst thing on the environment, right behind oil.

Q: Are there any childhood inspirations – say from that seven year old’s sketchbook for example – that remain in your current designs?

No, maybe the use of pink every once in a while?

Q: Which artists, designers, films, music, or literature have influenced your art?

Too hard to say. Everything thing influences me. Anything from the clouds to reality tv can influence me. It comes from all around, sometimes from the strangest places, like an old man on a bus.

Q: What are you most excited about in your upcoming design work?

I love fall, so I love when I get to start designing fall, which is now.

Q: Your personal favourite piece to wear this season?

Fall's deep burgundy
Fall’s deep burgundy
Sunja Link clothing in ox-blood
Sunja Link clothing in ox-blood

All the ox blood colour pieces. Love that deep burgundy colour.

Q: Favourite words of wisdom you always hold in your heart?

That’s tough, there’s so many. I guess keep your head down and try your best.

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