Raúl Rojo, Creative Director and Manolo Martínez (Aka MOLO) CEO of Pay`s.
Raúl Rojo, Creative Director and Manolo Martínez (Aka MOLO) CEO of Pay`s

Pay’s knitwear is one of the most exciting new design companies to be carried at General 54. Providing a tongue and cheek flare and comedy in their designs, they are a welcome relief from the often sober Fall fashion colour palette to cozy up in. The duo behind the Mexican knitwear company, Molo and Raul, are busily preparing for Art Basel in Miami this year. We recently caught them on a break from a festival in Mexico City, where they imparted good counsel on how to brave up for the coming Winter.

Pay's Knitwear
Pay’s Knitwear

 Q: How did you get your start?

Molo: We started with the idea of ​​continuing the old traditions of my family, but with a new concept, fomenting clothing with more humour.

Q: How would you describe the objectives of your look?

A vision of a future with gender equality and democracy in expression.

Pay's knitwear
Pay’s knitwear

Q: Considering that Pay’s knitwear is made in Mexico City, we’re curious if any of your influences come from D.F. itself?

Pay’s is an eclectic and multicultural brand, which definitely has Mexican and Latin influences, but we also find our inspiration from traveling and meeting people. What we do is a mix of cultures: Made in Mexico, for Mexico and the world.

Q: Are there any childhood inspirations that remain in your current designs?

A lot actually: we are inspired so much by the pieces that my parents did in their time. We wanted to reinterpret their essence with our fresh new designs.

Q: Which artists, designers, films, music, or literature have influenced your fashions?

Vivienne Westwood
Vivienne Westwood

We are highly influenced by a mixture of different cultures and artistic movements such as punk culture, pop culture, Vivian Westwood and Jean-Charles de Castelbajac. We also consider that sounds are sources of inspiration for our designs.

Jean-Charles de Castelbajac
Jean-Charles de Castelbajac

Q: What are you most excited about in your upcoming design work?

We are super enthusiastic to announce that we are releasing our new home wear collection during this upcoming Miami ART BASEL.

Q: Your personal favourite piece to wear this season?

Molo: Mono Noise, I love these pants.

Raul: Mitch Sweater.

Q: As your North American neighbours to the very North, we wonder if you have any suggestions to keep warm this Winter season?

For this winter season IT’S A MUST to have a Pay’s cape!

Q:Favourite thing to eat when it’s cold outside?

Molo: sweet bread, sweet pastries with hot chocolate … I’m a fan of sugar!

Raul: Mexican esquites (off-cob grilled corn savoury street food)

Hot chocolate.....Mmmmm
Hot chocolate…..Mmmmm!

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